International Medical Graduate Clerkship’s / American University of Integrative Sciences | Senior Web Developer, Senior Designer | 2015 – 2018

My experience at IMGC and AUIS involves my full skill set. Website and interface redesign was a big part of my initial time. I used my project management skills to organize a plan to redesign two websites for the company, this planning including framework choice and platform, SEO planning, content planning, UX/UI design, and every aspect of the new website. This also included a fair amount of content writing when resources were scare or otherwise unavailable. My duties also included maintaining the school servers and finding other ways to make the company more efficient through server management and software implementation. I also have server trouble shooting experience correcting issues with my knowledge of Linux, MySQL and PHP.

YP.com | Digital Operations Specialist | 2014-2015
My role at YP.com required knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript and jQuery. This role primarily consisted of working directly with clients to better understand and implement the needs as a business and deliver results based on these expectations. Because of this, the role required patience and customer service experience as dealing directly with clients was a large part of daily operations.

Jinny Corporation | Web Specialist | 2013-2014
My time with Jenny professional was in a developmental role updating current JBS hair website and maintaining all the websites owned by Jenny professional. This role requires the use of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery, and PHP to edit and customize company CMS Joomla. This position also required the use of standardized web practices for responsive web design and mobile compatibility.

ApartmentGuide.com | Creative Operations Specialist | 2012-2013
My time at Apartment Guide was spent utilizing various applications within the Adobe Creative Suite. This included Photoshop , Premiere Pro and AfterEffects. My wrong with the apartment guide was primarily a design when using Photoshop to enhance property photographs and Premiere Pro and AfterEffects to create showcase videos for client properties. This position was a contract position in which I was able to complete the tasks I was given before the contract had ended and stayed on to assist in special projects.

AutoTrader.com | Digital Media Designer | 2011-2012
At AutoTrader I utilized my HTML5, Adobe Photoshop, & Adobe Flash animation skills to create online advertisement for clients. My day-to-day activities were to create leader-boards skyscrapers and other static and animated graphics based on Advertising Standards. AutoTrader is a high production environment in which I was able to thrive while I was there. High production environments mean you must know how to take initiative and how to make important decisions quickly and have the ability to multi-task.

Courtney’s Management LLC / Web Specialist & Graphic Designer | 2007-2011
Responsible for creating print and web based graphics for performers of all kinds. Maintained websites for several clients. Worked with clients to create and execute marketing and promotional strategies. Organized photo shoots and other media gathering projects to prepare content for the development stages.